Let's build a more inclusive, integrated future together

Gil Feig

June 3, 2021

As a company with LGBTQ+, female, and POC founders, Merge API intimately knows what it’s like to fight for inclusion of underrepresented people at the table.

The most important asset your company can have is the benefit of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Our team will expound any day that it is our collegial differences that introduce the most groundbreaking ideas as we circumnavigate our deeply technical mission of revolutionizing the integrations game.

Building a hiring process that is inclusive for all is easier said than done, but it must become the standard to constantly orient towards for your company to have the engine in place to build and promote a roster brimming with diverse talent. (If you’re looking for tips on building out your own inclusive hiring process, we’re huge fans of the Canvas Blog, where I was previously Head of Engineering!)

Not only are we working harder than ever to advance our internal DE&I initiatives, we’re honored to power integrations for companies with inspiring visions for a better future, from diversity recruiting platforms to community service and social good applications.

We get better every day, and not just because it’s practical for building great products, but because it’s the right thing to do. Happy Pride!

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