Your July 2022 Product Update

Gil Feig

August 2, 2022

This past month at Merge, we’ve been focused on a slew of improvements focused on streamlining and supercharging your experience with Merge. This includes support for a wider array of use cases across our HRIS, ATS, and Accounting Unified APIs, new functionality that accelerates your time to value, and new guides to help introduce you to what a unified API can do.

Let’s see what’s new.

Get Corporate Directory Data Now

We’re thrilled to say you can now offer integrations with Okta SCIMAzure Active DirectoryGoogle WorkspaceOneLogin, and JumpCloud SCIM  through a single Unified API.

After building over 40+ HR and Payroll integrations in just under two years, giving our users the ability to auto-provision, sync data from entire corporate directories, and ultimately expand into enterprise capabilities is critical to our vision of providing the integration layer for every B2B product.

Read more in the announcement blog, or start scoping our HR, Payroll, and Directory docs.

The Fastest Way to Sync: Merge Magic Link

One of our team’s favorite features this month just happens to have the most memorable name:  Merge Magic Link. This shareable URL lets your users authorize an integration between your app and their third-party platform without any front-end setup from you.

Whether you want to onboard your users directly or quickly prove an MVP with real data, Magic Link is the fastest way to get your users integrated through Merge.

Starting Linking right now through our Guide.

Curious Where to Start?

Our Get Started Guide was built from the ground up to guide you through the process of integrating with a unified API. Start learning the basics now.

Unlock New Use Cases

Across all of our Unified APIs, we’ve released some exceptional new updates.

Build up complex financial views

  • Meet the Transactions Model. Transactions gives you the flexibility to ingest granular transaction info from some of the largest accounting providers and transform it into whatever your users need. Explore the new model in our Accounting Unified API docs.

Change an application's stage

  • Want to update an application’s stage directly through our Unified API? Now you can. Through a single POST endpoint, /change-stage, you can programmatically update the applications for candidates across different platforms!
  • Scope out the syntax and request body in our docs!

New Integrations

HRIS Unified API

Accounting Unified API

Ticketing Unified API

On the horizon…

All we’ll say for now is that our team’s been plugging away at some major new Dashboard improvements. Stay tuned.

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