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Headcount planning is a pain.

The process requires several cycles across the entire company. Finance teams formulate a headcount proposal with each department, iterate on it with the executive team, circle it back to the initial department, and then — get this — circle it back (with updates) to the executive team. Only when that’s finished does headcount planning get handed off to the recruiting teams… who still have to continuously adjust plans as departments run into their inevitable adjustments. Usually — no one is happy.

Dan, Jimmy and Mike saw first-hand the nightmare of headcount planning for scaling companies. They previously worked at Flexport, a digital freight forwarding startup that rapidly grew to 2000+ employees. TruePlan was built to provide visibility and clarity to headcount planning through robust integrations with HR Information Systems (HRIS) and Recruiting Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) providers.

The TruePlan team knew from the beginning that they wanted their product to bring in data from multiple sources, but they didn’t want to expend resources building out those integrations themselves. TruePlan’s customer base used a wide variety of HRIS and ATS platforms — one customer was on Rippling and Greenhouse, another was on Zenefits and Lever, another was on Bamboo HR and Workable, and so on. This meant that TruePlan needed to support a wide variety of HRIS and ATS integration.

However, building out all of these integrations would not just be extremely expensive and time-consuming, but also distract TruePlan from their core product.

When the TruePlan team reached out to our team at Merge to help with their HRIS and ATS integrations, we were thrilled for Merge to play a key role in their solution.

Merge’s data now flows through all parts of TruePlan’s product:

  • TruePlan combines data from Merge’s HRIS and ATS integrations to show the Finance team overview charts of requested, approved and current heads. TruePlan also returns a clean Excel sheet with data from Merge’s HRIS and ATS integrations that can be seamlessly turned into a model.
  • Recruiting teams see approved heads and plan hiring by assigning recruiters to certain heads. TruePlan’s ATS integrations through Merge help listen for candidate updates: when a candidate is at the offer stage, TruePlan automatically closes out the approved head as hired.
  • Merge’s HRIS API supports TruePlan’s intelligent organization chart, which includes current heads and future hires, and advanced filtering.

Merge is a partner for TruePlan in all of their integrations needs. After a painless implementation, TruePlan monitors their integrations through Merge’s seamless integrations management tooling. Merge’s Smart Issues detection automatically surfaces end-user-related problems — like expired API keys or incorrect permissions — making it easy for customer service to investigate while saving engineering valuable time.

At Merge, we’re thrilled to see TruePlan onboard significant customers with continued success. It takes a talented team to solve the pain of headcount planning, and we’re privileged to be a partner along TruePlan’s path.

Want to see how Merge can make your company integrate with HRIS+ATS APIs just once? Connect with us here — we’d love to help. Integrations are kind of our thing.

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