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To scale their product’s functionality, Scytale needed to build out dozens of integrations quickly.


By reducing the number of dependent tasks needed to build out their integrations, Merge saved Scytale 87% of their engineering integration work.


In short: Scytale has been able to sell more software. Easier access to integrations has meant Tom and the Scytale has been able to send into new customer segments.






Compliance automation platform


Tel Aviv, Israel

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Backed by the VAT-IT, the world's largest RegTech group with over two decades of knowledge and experience, and with over 13,000 customers in 117 countries.

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How to Transfer Trust at Scale

“Our goal is to help our clients become more trustworthy in the eyes of their clients” Tom Arad says. He's definite about that stance.

As CTO of Scytale, Tom is adamant about his platform’s role as a key to his clients unlocking revenue. A scytale (the company’s namesake) was one of the earliest forms of creating encoded messages between two people. It was a way of transferring trust.

Scytale (the company) is trust transfer for the modern organization. As a compliance automation product, they help their clients acquire critical security certifications with ease. 

Tom knows the compliance space well, and knows what needed to change about it. “Being compliant, whether with SOC II Type 2 or ISO 27001, takes a very, very long time. It takes about six months to one year for a certification to go through, and it's not fun at all. We ease the pain and aim to reduce the time spent on compliance by 90%.”

Tom and his team also knew what their org needed to scale: integrations with major platforms across HR, ATS, and Ticketing.

Ruminating over their roadmap Tom reflects: “The spec was written. The use case was defined. … The only question was: how do we implement it?”

Word of mouth via Tel-Aviv’s tight-knit startup community delivered. The answer was Merge.

How Merge Helps



Merge Link appears in the front end

Merge’s drop-in component allows the end user to provide authentication details without leaving the site


Merge syncs data from third-party platforms

Merge syncs standardized data models from third-party platforms via polling and webhooks which is made available to the backend through our Unified API


“Merge reduced our work by 87%”

Given the universe of integrations Scytale needed, a solution like Merge was critical to their product’s success. Tom says it best: “Merge reduced our work by 87%.”

At its core, it meant reducing redundant, repetitive, and un-replicable engineering work. As Tom says: “Instead of integrating with tens of tools, we instead integrated with Merge. This eliminates the need to have [separate] tasks for each integration. Typically, it would take us a week to develop an integration. With Merge, we got 10 integrations in one week.” 

Through Merge, a Unified API has supported multiple use cases and multiple integrations, which allows them to:

  • Pull in tickets from software management systems, like JIRA, in order to ensure compliance within those platforms.
  • Ensure an accurate roadmap by knowing they can add new integrations with ease
  • On the horizon, Scytale is also able to build out the ability to assign tasks and to-dos to any members of an organization — whether they use ClickUp, Asana, Hive or any other project management software.

Tom Arad



“Instead of integrating with tens of tools, we instead integrated with Merge. This eliminates the need to have [separate] tasks for each integration. Typically, it would take us a week to develop an integration. 

With Merge, we got 10 integrations in one week."


“Merge allows us to venture into new customer segments”

Integrations with Merge unlocked new revenue for Scytale.

“We've been able to expand our integration offering with ease, allowing us to venture into new customer segments to secure deals with companies like Deel, ezbob, Natural Intelligence, and PayEm,” says Tom.

Even for a startup of their size, Scytale can confidently scale their outreach and support. “Merge helps us support multiple clients at once with a single support resource...” says Tom.

With Merge, Scytale has been able to invest in integrations across multiple categories, with confidence. Merge’s HRIS Unified API and ATS Unified API support similar compliance use cases.

Ultimately, Scytale is able to support over 80+ integrations with a single platform. When it comes to building the foundation of a client’s trust, there’s nothing more assuring than proving you’ve made the right choice in partners. 

As Tom says, choosing Merge as a partner “was a no brainer.” 

We couldn’t say it better ourselves: your trust means the world. Thanks, Tom.

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