About Merge

Reshaping the way the world integrates

Merge is disrupting how product teams deliver customer-facing integrations

Our Mission

Merge’s founding team worked at different startups but ran into the same issue: time-consuming customer-facing integrations.

The average B2B company requires a wide variety of integrations, every one of which is critical for customer acquisition and growth. Developer time spent crafting and maintaining those integrations takes time, money, and focus away from the company’s core product roadmap.

We built Merge so developers can integrate fast and integrate once.

Our team of builders and problem solvers are motivated to not just make integrations incredibly accessible, but also delightful to implement.

Our Product Philosophy

B2B integrations are high stakes - companies can’t afford a single bad customer interaction.

Our team follows the principles below to ensure our product delivers a revolutionary, airtight experience.

High Quality Data

Our integrations are normalized into the Merge Unified API for agility and flexibility in our customers’ development processes.

We integrate platforms into Merge using official APIs so developers can harness the entire range of data available to them.

Intuitive UX

Adding and managing your integrations quickly and accurately is mission critical.

We provide streamlined tools so anyone, from customer success to engineering, can identify and resolve user issues as rapidly as possible.


We received SOC2 Type II certification in Merge’s early days so we could offer an enterprise-ready solution to our customers.

We continue to obsess over security and stability so our customers can be confident in our product.

Merge powers integrations at...

Meet our world-class team

Our revolutionary platform is built by API fanatics, detail-oriented perfectionists, hardcore pickleball enthusiasts, and Slackmoji-lovers.

Shensi Ding
Gil Feig
Dan Rothman
Henry Baer
Founding Engineer
Simeon Lee
Founding Designer
David Donnelly
Software Engineer
Tara Pichumani
Brendan Goggin
Software Engineer
Alexia Cohade
Head of Finance + Operations
Alexis Robbins
Ethan Bevington
Account Executive
Aaron Lu
Growth Marketing
Michelle Krameisen
Robert Williams
Head of Sales
Hunter Anderson
Ria Garg
Pritak Patel
Growth + Solutions Engineering
Elton Leong
Software Engineer
Lee Wang
Software Engineer
Amanda Paolino
Sohum Mehta
Anthony Lagana
Product Marketing
Prannoiy Chandran
Platform + Product
Fedrick Finjap
Product Manager
Quentin Norris
Technical Program Manager
Conor Bergman
Software Engineer
Paul Walker
Account Executive
Charlie Lynch
Account Executive
Nick Kephart
VP of Marketing
Amy Chen
Finance + Operations
Max Gong
Matthew Doherty
Solutions Engineer
Carolina Valverde
Paul Spangfort
Software Engineer
Steven Okada
Software Engineer
Yash Gogri
Joshua Learn
Software Engineer
Ani Katipally
Software Engineer
Kevin Zhang
Zack Kousnetz
Head of Partnerships
Rebecka Dionne
Brand Designer
Mark Hinkle
DevOps Engineer
Hayley Ye
Product Designer
Everett McMahan
Account Executive
Nina Hernandez
Account Executive
Young Kim
Growth Marketing
Anna Tomas
Allegra Aguiar
Jack Cavalier
Solutions Engineer
Jemma Baus
Jacob Brackett
Head of Security Engineering
Tanisha Nalavadi
Amy Leung
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