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About HireBeat:

HireBeat’s mission is to help companies hire more, better-qualified candidates through video-based AI analysis. Based out of New York, their platform leverages both applicant tracking (ATS) tools and HR workflows with AI-powered analytics and collaboration. This leads to better talent management for companies and better outcomes for job seekers. 

With HireBeat, the hiring processes of screening and interviewing hundreds of candidates is streamlined to just a few clicks: 

The ATS Integrations Problem:

HireBeat is a key part of the candidate interview process, and as such requires deep integrations with every ATS system. HireBeat needed to build individual integrations with ATS platforms to import candidates to support their customers’ recruiting systems. This proved to be a time-intensive process and took engineering resources away from building their core product. 

HireBeat needed a quick and seamless way to integrate with all ATS platforms so that their customers could pass through candidate lists regardless of the ATS system they used.

The Merge Solution:

By integrating once with Merge, HireBeat was able to expand its coverage to over 40 recruiting platforms overnight. With Merge, HireBeat no longer has to worry about wasting engineering and customer success time to maintain and add individual integrations.

“We began using Merge over half a year ago and it has been a great partner in the ATS integration space. The process is straightforward, the pricing models make sense and the functionality serves well with our customers’ needs. Merge has allowed us to tap into a much broader customer base. We’re excited to partner with them on this journey. This decision is the right one for the team, and also for our customers.” Ning Wei, Founder + CEO of HireBeat.

As the end-user, the workflow to connect your ATS to HireBeat with Merge is seamless:

1. Go to your HireBeat dashboard and click on Integration. 

2. Select your current ATS and follow the directions. 

3. Choose the job and job stage to import all the candidates you wish to conduct a one-way video interview. 

Why HireBeat Loves Merge

  • Merge Docs — “Merge provides a very crisp and clear starter guide that is easy to follow. Our developers especially like the real code snippets embedded and find it very useful to see code in different languages.” 
  • Test + Production Linked Accounts — “We find it extremely helpful to have a Test linked account separated from the Production account as we explore and test the water in the developing process. Along with the API tester, we were able to quickly pinpoint any issue in our code or data. The logs also provide an additional layer of transparency and control of the system.” 
  • Delightful Design — “We really like the UI of the platform. It’s consistent, clean, intuitive, and helps to create a very smooth user experience.”

HireBeat and Merge are both SOC II Type 2 compliant, so HireBeat customers can rest easy knowing that their data is secure throughout the entire user funnel.

Merge is more than an ATS Integrations platform

Merge provides a Unified API for all HR, payroll, recruiting, and accounting integrations. 

Try Merge for free today to see how you can leverage our API for your platform.

How Merge Helps


Merge Link appears in the front end

Merge’s drop-in component allows the end user to provide authentication details without leaving the site


Merge syncs data from third-party platforms

Merge syncs standardized data models from third-party platforms via polling and webhooks which is made available to the backend through our Unified API

How Merge Helps








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