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About Scholars

Scholars is a Memphis, Tennessee-based start-up that helps companies of all shapes and sizes build post-offer journeys for incoming hires. Founders Ben Siegel, Evan Deere, and Parker Pell saw a problem in the modern hiring process: firms and companies would spend time and money courting, interviewing, and hiring new-grads, yet drop off of contact between an offer letter being signed and the official start date. This period would often lead to a recruiter’s biggest nightmare: a hire reneging on their offer. 

Scholars set out to solve this problem by providing a platform for companies to send incoming hires customized content that builds community and keeps engagement high right up to the first day on the job. 

Scholars helps companies build better candidate experiences, with features including:

  • Personal candidate journey landing pages
  • Enriched candidate engagement analytics
  • Automated workflows for recruiters

The ATS Partnerships Problem

Prior to Merge, the Scholars team had already built out integrations with some applicant tracking systems (ATS), such as Lever. But looking at their roadmap, the team knew they would need official partnerships with platforms such as Greenhouse, SAP, and Oracle in order to continue to grow their customer base. They knew these partnerships would require a lot of effort to obtain, and that was time spent before factoring in the high technical cost of building out and maintaining the integrations themselves. 

The Merge Solution

Through a referral, the Scholars team learned about Merge and immediately recognized a solution for all of their ATS integration problems. Merge either had ATS partnerships or integrations already built with Workday, SAP, and Oracle — which meant Scholars could stop worrying about their ATS partnerships problem and focus on building engaging candidate experiences. Scholars signed up through Merge’s self-serve platform and were able to build out 25 ATS integrations in just two days, guided entirely by Merge’s docs (and their own know-how). 

“There are certain things that large companies expect when buying new software and seamless integrations is one of them. Merge allows us to provide an ATS integration for every company we work with which has helped us acquire enterprise-level clients that otherwise would not have been able to work with us.” Ben Siegel, CEO and Co-Founder

After testing internally, Scholar saw the value Merge brought to both their engineering, sales, and post-sales teams and upgraded to Merge’s subscription plan. 

Why Scholars Loves Merge

  • Easy Expansion to HR and Payroll APIs: When the time comes to build out HR and payroll integrations for their product, the Scholars team is already looped into the Merge Unified API. Expanding into a whole new category has never been easier. 
  • Exceptional Customer Support: Merge prides itself in being a customer-centric integrations solution - Scholars’ attributes the communication between their team and Merge to helping them scale and address end-user issues instantly.

Merge is more than an ATS partnerships solution. . .

It’s your new integrations strategy. Integrate once to gain access to over 50+ integrations in HR, payroll, accounting. 

Sign up for a demo or start building your last integration today!

How Merge Helps


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Merge syncs data from third-party platforms

Merge’s drop-in component allows the end user to provide authentication details without leaving the site



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