HR, Payroll, and Directory Unified API

Integrate the HR, payroll, and directory system of every customer

Integrate once with our HR, Payroll, and Directory Unified API and never lose a prospect over integration support.

Integrate Once

Supported HR, Payroll, and Directory Platforms

Abstract away API complexity with Merge

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Build Smarter

Make HRIS integrations your competitive advantage

More sales, less code, fewer headaches

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APIs Made Simple

Your toolkit for all your HRIS integration needs

We make HR, payroll, and directory integrations painless with accessible API design, dead-simple SDKs, and beautiful documentation that we agonize over.

Seamless Account Linking

Integration authentication that feels like magic

Our drop-in component makes adding integration authentication to your product a walk in the park.

Your users will love the intuitive interface and how easy it is to link their accounts.

Integrations Management

Save a developer, use our support toolbox

Gone are the days of engineers providing support to your customers.

Fully searchable logs, automated issue detection, and customizable alerts provide everything your customer success team needs to shine.

One Step Ahead

We're the cheat code to your integrations strategy

Revolutionize your integrations strategy for HR, payroll, directory, ATS, project management, ticketing, accounting and CRM platforms.

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